This section of the website lists various physical and virtual resources that are available for use by members of our group.

1. Physical Facilities

1.1. APCR-DRDL Lab

The primary official work location for members of our group. 

1.2. Rooftop Observatory & Telescope at Jones Hall

Eventually we will have set up a working telescope in this facility which will be remotely accessible over the Internet.

2. Computing Resources

2.1. domain

This domain was purchased in 2009 by mpf for informal use by our group; it hosts (via Google Apps) our Cosmopolis and Star Chamber websites.  There is no official relationship between the domain and Florida A&M University.

2.2. Xserve cluster

Our mini-supercomputing blade cluster, pictured below.  A FAQ is available as well as a listing of installed software.

APCR-DRDL's Xserve grid computing mini-cluster.