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APCR-DRDL Laboratory

Lab Tweet Stream

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The AstroParticle & Cosmic Radiation Detector Research & Development Laboratory (APCR-DRDL) is located in room 420 of the Frederick S. Humphries Science & Research Center building, located on the FAMU campus at 1515 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Tallahassee, FL 32307.  The lab is operated by Prof. Ray O'Neal of the FAMU Physics department.

The lab also has its own Twitter feed at  If the links in the gadget to the right (showing recent tweets) do not work in your browser, try a dedicated Twitter client and search for user APCRDRDL, or go to our profile in your browser and click Follow.

A shorter link to this page which you may use is

The Building

Here are some exterior and interior photos of our beautiful (but leaky) lab building.

Outside of lab door.  We really need to put some cool posters on it or something.

Lab Inventory

At this page (access restricted to group members) I (mpf) am beginning the process of documenting our lab's inventory of equipment & materials.

Wide shot of lab interior.  The lab is (currently) a mess, but I am in the process of gradually cleaning it up.

The APCR-DRDL Swag Store

Show your science spirit! Support the lab by purchasing items (mugs, t-shirts,...) from the APCR-DRDL store!

The APCR-DRDL accepts donations in Bitcoin!

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